Set up and start implementing a system of quality assurance (QA) of engineering education in Central Asia (CA) countries, finalized to the pre-professional accreditation of engineering programmes (i.e. accreditation of educational programmes as entry route to the engineering profession). The accredited programmes must satisfy the same conditions required for the award of the EUR-ACE quality label, i.e. the EUR-ACE Framework Standards, the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ESG), and all related quality requirements and procedures. The project will take advantage of the experience in the European Higher Education Area (through ENAEE) and current efforts in Central Asia countries.



Tempus Programme Specific Objectives addressed by this application:

– To promote the reform and modernisation of higher education in the partner countries

– To enhance the quality and relevance of higher education in the partner countries

– To build up the capacity of higher education institutions in the partner countries and the EU, in particular for international cooperation and for a permanent modernisation process, and to assist them in opening themselves up to society at large

– To foster the reciprocal development of human resources

– To enhance mutual understanding between peoples and cultures of the EU and of the partner countries


Programme themes addressed by this application:

– Introduction of quality assurance


National and Regional Priorities for 2012 addressed by this application:

– Main priority: Governance reform: introduction of quality assurance (Regional priority for Central Asia;

– National Priority for Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan)

– Secondary priority: Development of international relations (Regional priority for CA)


The above mentioned priorities are addressed by the application in relation to the concerned partner countries as follows:

The need for international recognition of eng. degrees is increasingly felt in CA: several universities are stipulating  agreements  with accreditation agencies in Europe and the USA. This can be very positive, but  a more systematic approach is essential for further developments. This project aims at setting up in CA a system for pre-professional accreditation of engineering  education through a network of National QA/Accreditation Agencies able to accredit engineering programme and be authorized by ENAEE to award the EUR-ACE quality label.


Subject area – topic

Quality assurance strategies / indicators and benchmarking


Focus of the project related to the subject area above

The main focus of QUEECA will be on the implementation of a system of quality assurance of engineering education in Central Asia countries, finalized to the accreditation of engineering programmes by the award of the EUR-ACE quality label.