European Instrument for Quality Assurance (Quality assurance):



Accreditation (lat. Accredo, «trust”) – is the process in which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is presented.
Types of accreditation:

Institutional Accreditation – evaluation of educational organization for quality presentation of educational programs according to the declared status
Specialized Accreditation – evaluation of the quality of individual educational programs implemented by the organization of education;

The functions of accreditation:

accountability the effectiveness of schools and educational programs;
change of status;
Screenings are not bona fide institutions of dubious reputation;
Control over the institutions ‘profit-oriented’;
Financing, investments, grants status.

Order of the MES approved the “order and the requirements for maintaining a national registry of accreditation agencies ” and created three national registries:
National Register 1, which includes the accreditation agencies, recognized by the MES.
National Register 2, which includes accredited educational organization.
National Register 3, which includes accredited educational programs.
Accreditation of educational programs in high schools of Kazakhstan is carried out by accreditation agencies:

ASIIN (Germany)
ACQUIN (Germany)
AQA (Austria)
HKAOKO (Kazakhstan)
NAAK (Kazakhstan)