The section “Experts” is created especially for KAZSEE external experts as well as potential individuals willing to become KAZSEE experts from national, international experts, representatives of employers and students. Information and materials presented in this section serve as the basis for effective work and self-development of KAZSEE external experts. Information for experts is systematically updated and improved in compliance with the new trends in the sphere of quality assurance.

National experts

The database of national academic experts is formed based on recommendations from Kazakhstan universities, Accreditation committees of the Agency, and based on personal applications.

International experts

International experts are nominated:

  • by foreign accreditation agencies with which KAZSEE has signed memoranda on collaboration;
  • on the basis of direct requests to the rector’s offices, faculties, departments of European universities;
  • though online search for competent experts.

Representatives of employers

Employers are nominated by suggestions from various professional associations and employers’ unions, such as the National Industrial Chamber, the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken” and a range of business organizations.

Representatives of students

The selection of students as KAZSEE experts is conducted following recommendations from universities that provide Agency with a list of the best and most active students.

KAZSEE ensure that members of expert groups are competent and free from conflicts of interests.

The candidates of experts are agreed with profile Accreditation committee, and then appointed by the order of the President of the Agency. Accreditation committees make their suggestions on replenishment of the exiting database if experts, as well as on the selection of experts for the examination of self – assessment reports of universities study programmes and procedure of the external review.

Criteria for the selection of academic experts KAZSEE:

Institutional accreditation

  • academic degree and academic title;
  • the experience of administrative and management work at the university for at least five years;
  • understanding of the specifics of an accredited university;
  • experience of participation in the work on accreditation.

Specialized accreditation

  • teaching experience in the educational program under consideration for at least three years;
  • knowledge of regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other documents regulating accreditation issues;
  • academic degree and academic title.

The proper selection and training of experts is the basis for successful conduct of the external review process. In order to guarantee the professional quality of activities executed by external experts, KAZSEE regularly conducts training seminars, video conferences, webinars, briefings on the accreditation procedure and methods of conducting the external review prior to the begging of the external assessment. Participation in trainings is mandatory for all experts. In addition, KAZSEE develops various types of educational materials, including manuals, videos, newsletters, thematic analyses, etc.

The expert group for external review, as a rule, consists of 6-10 experts representing different stakeholders and possessing competences and knowledge to conduct an objective and effective assessment of the quality of services provided by educational institutions. The composition of the expert group includes experts from the academic community, students, employers and international experts.

Academic experts are involved in two types of activities:

  • To conduct the analysis of self-assessment reports written by representatives of educational organizations in regards to subsequent reviews of HEIs/study programmes;
  • To take part in external reviews of HEIs/study programmes.

To become expert of KAZSEE you need:

  • Download and print an expert form;
  • Fill all items and sign;
  • Scan the form and send it to