This Statute was developed and registered in 2015 in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated by January 16, 2001 “On Non-commercial Organizations”, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education” and other legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Union of legal entities “Kazakhstan Association for Engineering Education KAZSEE” (hereinafter the Association “) is a public non-commercial organization in the form of union of legal entities. Association is a legal form of association on nationwide level of private enterprise and non-commercial organizations in order to coordinate joint activities for the development of engineering education and engineering activities in all their manifestations in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Association operates in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On non-commercial Associations”, “On Public Associations”, other regulatory and legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as Adopted on the basis of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan by this Charter.

The official name of the Association:

  • in Kazakh: Заңды тұлғалар бірлестігі «Қазақстанның инженерлік білім Ассоциациясы KAZSEE»;
  • in Russian: Объединение юридических лиц «Казахстанская Ассоциация Инженерного образования KAZSEE»;
  • in English: Union of legal entities «Kazakhstan Association for Engineering Education KAZSEE».

A short title of the Association:

  • in Kazakh – ЗТБ «ҚИБА»;
  • in Russian – ОЮЛ «КАИО»;
  • in English – ULE «KAZSEE».

Location of the permanent acting body of the Association:

Republic of Kazakhstan, index 050062, Almaty, Auezov district, 1 microdistrict №36.

The duration of the Agency is not limited.


The purpose of the Association is to promote the improvement and development in Kazakhstan of engineering education and engineering activities in all their manifestations related to the educational, scientific, innovative, and technological areas, including the processes of teaching, accreditation of curricula. Consulting, research, development of engineering solutions, commercialization and transfer of technologies, the provision of a wide range of educational services, providing public relations, manufacturing and science.

The subject of the Association:

  • creation of conditions for the most effective realization of the creative potential of the members of the Association in the interests of developing the innovative development of the republic;
  • representation of legal interests, assistance in the protection of professional, civil, social, copyright and related rights of members of the Association;
  • development of international relations and contacts in the field of engineering education, promoting the integration of Kazakhstani scientists, teachers of technical higher educational institutions and graduated engineers in the international scientific and educational space;
  • promoting continuous improvement in the quality of engineering education for its compliance with the international level.

The association solves the following tasks:

  • contributes to the construction of the system and the creation of conditions for the preparation and formation of a new generation of highly educated engineering professionals who are able to realize the sustainable dynamic development of the economy and the breakthrough development of various areas of practice;
  • certifies graduates of natural science and engineering specialties;
  • conducts active work aimed at combining the efforts of the state, educational institutions, organizations, enterprises and the public for implementation of the priority development of engineering education based on progressive pedagogical ideas, the use of “high” educational technologies, a combination of the best national traditions of training engineers and foreign experience;
  • conducts research on problems of vocational education, promotes formation of new organizational educational structures (remote training, “virtual university”, continuing education, etc.);
  • contributes to the improvement of the system of retraining and advanced training of the teaching staff of engineering universities and the engineering corps of the country.

At present, the President of the Agency, who is elected by the General Panel of Founders, performs management over activities of the Agency and conduct of affairs.