The next meeting of the ENAEE General Assembly was held on September 18, 2020 online. The agenda covered such issues as the election of the President of ENAEE, consideration and election of candidates to the Administrative Council of ENAEE, election of the Chairman of the EUR-ACE Label Award Committee. Also, the candidacy of the representative of the British Association for Engineering Education Dave Clarke was nominated for the position of internal auditor. Following the election, President Damien Owens and Chairman of the EUR-ACE Label Award Committee Bogdan Matsukov were re-elected for a second term until the end of 2021. Dave Clarke’s candidacy was also a unanimous decision. The representative of the Turkish Association for Engineering Education, Yavuz Ercil, was elected to the ENAEE Administrative Council from two candidates.

The presentation of the new agency ICACIT (Lima, Peru) was presented. The agency is one of the leading in South America, covering countries such as Peru, Chile, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica. It is a member of the Washington Agreement, the Sydney Agreement and the Lima Agreement. Since January 2020, he has become a member of ENAEE.

President Damien Owens made a presentation on the activities of ENAEE. So, in 2020, the organization moved to a new office in Brussels. ENAEE’s financial position has improved despite the COVID-19 pandemic. David Owens focused on the rapid development of methods for online assessment of educational programs (online accreditation) and noted that this is a new opportunity for authorized ENAEE agencies. During the current period, the European database of engineering education programs was also updated. Looking to the future: ENAEE President highlighted the importance of cooperation with other organizations; complete revision of the ENAEE Charter and organization of the ENAEE conference in September 2021 in Moscow.

Bogdan Matsukov, re-elected Chairman of the EUR-ACE Label Award Committee, made a presentation. In general, B. Matsukov presented the results of the meeting of the committee for awarding EUR-ACE Label. In view of the impossibility of assessing the activities of ENAEE agencies whose authorization period is already expiring, the EUR-ACE Label Award Committee proposed to the ENAEE Administrative Council to extend the authorization of agencies (AEER (Russia), ASIIN (Germany), AAQ (Switzerland), ZSVTS (Slovakia)) by 12 months, actually until the end of 2022. On September 15, 2020, the proposal was supported by the Governing Body. B. Matsukov said that the rules for “Transnational accreditation” that were approved in 2016 was reissued as a new important document “Standards and procedures for transnational accreditation for authorized ENAEE agencies.” The proposals for the online accreditation procedure from MUDEK (Turkey), ARACIS (Romania), QUACING (Italy), AEER (Russia), KAUT (Poland) and CTI (France) were considered.

The organizational aspects of the ENAEE conference in 2021 were also discussed. The forecasts for the EUR-ACE Label award for 2021 were heard from all agencies. The most optimistic forecast was provided by CTI (France), they expect to award more than 300 EUR-ACE Label in 2021 despite the pandemic. While the most pessimistic forecast was provided by ANECA (Spain), OE (Portugal) and AAQ (Switzerland). Moreover, AAQ indicated that no EUR-ACE Label will be issued, and ANECA and OE found it difficult to answer.