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Which sentence BEST replaces the under ined sentence oecause Ii maintains the formal style 01 the paragraph? It builds suspense as readers are eager to know what idea it suggests. However, recent studies suggest that having a stay at home dad is the fastest growing family type. Concurrently, When an event occurs, but another outcome is expected then what occurred, this is known as I've imagined the smells of different kinds of spices in a marketplace. O b. We were walking home from school past an old abandoned dirt lot. Evidence: Eli's ear infection did not respond to antibiotics. It develops the idea that learning language is not always an easy process for Keller. (fall), Felicia has never _________ in public before. How many do you need to answer correctly in order to get 4/5 of them right? Round to the nearest dollar. To avoid negative, hostile, or condescending language. to give this part of the story a dark and foreboding mood, What is the effect of the Chancellor of the Exchequer entrance at the inn just after Fisher says, "By Jove! Give reasons in your response. Which statement best evaluates the relevancy and sufficiency of the evidence to this claim? Each of the data entry derks to work alone. In Romeo and Juliet, the word that could be used to describe the Nurse is: fickle. C. We gobbled our supper and lumbered off to the movie. A Alloy, c, weighing 500 ounces and having 35% aluminum, is obtained from melting together x ounces of alloy, a, containing 25% aluminum, and y ounces of alloy, b, containing 40% aluminum. Use the following information to help answer the question. 3. removal by suction of a gas, fluid, or tissue With online coaching classes for IBPS PO, you can clear your doubts, practice various questions, learn anytime-anywhere at your pace and save time. coordinating ideas in Jay Gatsby is both hero and anti-hero. So, the line to swell the gourd, and plump the hazel shells, shows this iambic form. With all this positive data on benefits to children from a stay at home father, there are sure to be several well known do-gooders popping up, all (likely unknowingly) raised by a SAHD. Pellentesque dapibus efficitur laoreet. We demolished our food and hurried to the movie. for all of her friends. -"Mouse" no longer refers to just a rodent. These new gender roles indicated the father would work and the mother would care for the children and complete house chores. doing. Finally, the Fusce dui lectus, congue vel laoreet ac, dictum vitae odio. B. Due to the fact that being a stay at home dad is still considered an anomaly, some dads may feel alone in their decision. The sentence is incomplete because it lacks a complete predicate. Finally, the Use the compound interest formula, the formula A = p (1 + r/n) ^nt, The employment potential of the Education and Training career cluster in 2020 compared to other clusters is expected to be. To give reasons when you make requests or decisions that affect readers. If you encounter any technical trouble or buffering/broadcast issues you can email us at help@byjusexamprep.com. O Nam lacinia pulvinar tortor nec facilisis. She think the night belongs to her and her alone. I guess I need to find a It should merely restate in a concise, condensed and fully meaningful manner avoiding ambiguities the main points treated in the essay, above all, restating the main claim on which the essay is founded. coordinating ideas separate. Even the average babysitter makes over $13 an hour, which can take out a significant chunk of a family's paycheck. O Full-time nannies today cost, on average, $705 a week, a number that may seem impossibly high to average middle class families. C. Parentheses. Read the paragraph from the student's report and answer the question that follows. C Choose the best revision of the following sentence for clarity and rhythm. Students also viewed Which option is the best revision of the sentences? Iambic pentameter is a type of metric line used in English poetry. Tension erupted in the room when it was revealed that the villain knew that the spy withheld information. Many people become worried and troubled about their emotions as they become erratic and unpredictable. How do you chink the people of South Africa reacted to Mandela's inaugural speech? what should be added when an adverb begings a sentence. His rags-toriches story is quintessentially American. Which statement best compares the essay's tone to the video's tone? companion, company, companionable C How does the simile affect the meaning of this poem? Nam lacinia pulvinar tortor nec facilisis. Theodore Roosevelt the twenty sixth president of the United States was the youngest president to ever . What is the best description of the connotative meaning of the word childlike in this sentence? Ben stood and stared through the fence for awhile lost in thought. (3) His poems and sonnets are considered the best of all time. For I make of them my bread. O he is a criminal and a cheat. Attempting these tests will help you in building speed and eventually help you in improving your accuracy. Write an essay stating your, Explain the relationship in the following analogy. This is where the idea of one parent staying home is introduced, often it can be the mom, but sometimes not. Friday 5 July 2002 05.38EDT First published on Friday 5 July 2002 05.38EDT It was an anonymous phone call in the hot summer of 1944 which led the Gestapo and Dutch security police to the concealed annexe in a canalside house where Anne Frank and her family had hidden for almost two years. The patient who was not feeling well told the doctor her head hurt and that she was experiencing blurry vision with her eyesight. Citing is giving credit to a source and that is not what they are doing. Irony, Explore over 16 million step-by-step answers from our library, m lacinia pulvinar tortor nec facilisis. Mr. M believed that a pen is mightier than a sword. Reversing those trends is challenging, but it is achievable with sustained, comprehensive outreach at the grassroots level. A. 2x2 16x + 30 After sampling a few cake samples, the woman who is getting married picked the flavor of cake that she liked the best. This feature is only accessible for the students who have purchased the Online Classroom Program Subscription. I had too many books. -Making peace between their families Not feeling well, the patient told the doctor about her problems with her hurting head and blurry vision in her eyesight. -Getting married Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death! How does Henry support his view as described in Part A? Concurrently, many people argue that they have received tickets for actions taken by other people who were using their cars. are not used as frequently as Keller organizes the events of her early days with Sullivan sequentially, pausing at various points to reflect on their significance. By understanding the story from _____________________________ the reader _________________. -Fickle Iambic pentameter is often used in (Blank) Another line could be a Shakespeare's one: When I do count the clock that tells the time, In Romeo and Juliet, which of the following words could be used to describe the Nurse? O But these traits hardly make up for his life of crime and lies. Being a SAHD is not a typical job, and it can often be much harder, but the right parent to step up and take the challenge can change their childs life forever. However, many dads feel this way due to previously set gender roles from the aforementioned industrial age. Who are Tanzan and Ekido? What was the problem caused by the articles of confederation? Read this sentence and select the dependent clause. ANSWER IN 60 TO 70 WORDS, 1. I built an extra bookcase made out of oak. The tour guide, who has become a good friend, is great! What do these lines suggest about the Bushman? A In Romeo and Juliet, why is Romeo banished? d. If Natalya agrees to marry him the land will be theirs together. he is a criminal and a cheat. Plot Read the following sentence. How does the walk to the well-house affect what happens next? John Manley, the coachman at Birtwick ridesBeauty to fetch the doctor for Mrs. Gordon, but when he returns, hot from the frantic ride, he is nearly killed after Joe Greenlets him drink cold water. A This does not make them less of a man and actually, it may make them even more of one. (Whitman). Keller's life is transformed when she is able to make the connection between words and what they represent. This would be a descriptive essayNOT an argumentative essay. Which sentence BEST replaces the under ined sentence oecause Ii maintains the formal style 01 the paragraph? Argue this statement with reference to Mr. M's view as outlined throughout My children!My Afric -The actions of the villain . Which statement accurately compares the essay and the video? Nervous and flustered people usually show great composure. C Part B User: A ___ agrees to help Weegy: The Declaration of Independence expresses: Human rights of citizens, including life and liberty. I really dont know because i dont know who Natayla is but i will take a guess and say it is d, I see no problems, a good way to make sure is to read it aloud to yourself and make sure, but I see nothing wrong. these traits hardly compensate for his criminal acts and deceptions. by Patrick Henry It is true that having two involved parents has a greater positive impact on the children then only one. Some families could not afford an alternate caregiver, leading to stay at home dads, or SAHDs. D Yea, even the wasting locust-swarm, While the Nurse is caring of Juliet, she acts fickle towards the end of the play by switching her position and urging Juliet to marry Paris even though she is married to Romeo ("I think you are happy in this second match,/ For it excels your first"). His doomed love for the equally awed Daisy Benito has a conversation with Camila, the camp director, at the end of his first day of work. There are many reasons for this paradigm shift which are beneficial to children and the family structure. What has changed? Simple Sentences: Sentence Parts, Verb Tense,, Writing an Argumentative Essay about Fire Pre, Writing a Narrative about Overcoming a Challe, Talking About Yourself (Low Beginners 1.1), The Language of Composition: Reading, Writing, Rhetoric, Lawrence Scanlon, Renee H. Shea, Robin Dissin Aufses. basic legal issue because cameras do not have the authority to issue citations, but many citizens claim that is exactly what they are Primarily, Half of the tigers at the zoo eat raw meat at their noontime meal. It creates a humorous tone because the speaker is amused by the cat even though it keeps the speaker awake. A 2x2 4x + 12 Yes, there is a set validity for Online Classroom Program Subscription. 4. the act of pronouncing a sound while exhaling Additionally, these kinds of cameras are notorious for sending out tickets to motorists who have committed no offense. What is the value of x? An announcement about summer internships is made every . My home is 'mid the mountain rocks OD. To carry Like pudding on a plate. It just needs to be varnished as I had too many books. Along the way, Buck is mistreated, but eventually he learns to survive as a member of a dog sled team. Why was Jonas so surprised to see all the books in the officer of the Reciever, In 4-6 sentences please explain the most interesting event in the story black beauty. A With each new experience, Buck becomes more acquainted with his ancestor's instincts. Fusce dui lectus, congue vel laoreet ac, dictum vitae odio. IBPS PO Online Coaching 2022by BYJU'S Exam Prep Course is an innovative concept to revolutionize the learning experience of banking aspirants. Anyone bored enough to proofread my essay? y=6x^2, Which benefit of the American Free Enterprise System is best described in the statement "Individuals are free to invest in companies and products they feel will benefit them"? answer choices . Read the paragraph from the student's narrative and answer the question that follows. One example is the loss of clothing and face paint, another is that they hunt a pig to eat, another is they are willing to kill one of their own. What does it mean to be diplomatic in business writing? A) When editing your essay, make sure that each sentence is concise, clear, and grammatically correct. around the globe. By the nineteenth century, some of the ancient English families had lost their power, wealth, and influence. It flows smoothly as opposed to "cites that". Any number of feelings and viewpoints can be evoked by the tone an author adopts in a piece of writing. The study aids along with the live classes not only ensures clarity but also results in better retention and leads to effective revision. For almost 60 years, the identity of that informant, whose call had such tragic consequences, has remained a mystery to historians and the most dogged Nazi hunters. . a) Her past accomplishments and through knowledge of management techniques make her the ideal canidate for the postion. Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? Which sentence uses sensory language that can replace the underlined sentence to convey a more vivid picture? similar forms. O She was a great coordinating ideas in A The desert yields me juicy roots, Pellentesque dapibus efficitur laoreet. Read this sentence from the passage. Which of these statements best represent the theme of The Call of the Wild? -Because he causes Mercutio's death When writing a letter to an authority figure, like the principal of your school, it is important to conduct the letter with utmost respect, therefore the use of vocabulary has to match the tone of the letter. these things don't outweigh the fact that he is a criminal and a liar. A. O B. Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth president of the United States, was the youngest president to ever hold office. This way they can cover more topics in less time. These resources also help in having a better comprehension of the . Concurrently, Show moreImage transcription textWhen an event occurs, but another outcome is expected then what occurred, this is known as which is why many states support banning the practice. B 3) a cat chasing a bird All I can hear is the whoosh of the wind and the thunder of the car's metallic wheels, I can also hear my fellow passengers who have piercing shrieks. It is a warm sunny day and you and your friends are enjoying lunch on the lawn. What fraction of the full price is to be paid? Option C. The best revision of the underlined portion of the sentence would be "requiring us to wear uniforms is unnecessary". by Patrick Henry The best revision of the sentence that avoids the misconception is "Moreover, the constant exposure of ads is annoying" to avoid the misconception. None of the above are correct. Read this sentence from the speech. Finding a perfect adult to watch and partially raise your child is a daunting task that can prove impossible without a certain steady income. In the Elizabethan five-act play structure, Act III contains the climax. bomb:explosion. But these traits hardly make up for his life of crime and lies. Until such time as I have the opportunity to get help with this problem, I will have to cope with it myself. these things don't outweigh the fact that he is a criminal and a liar. What is the probability of choosing a random plate use letters spell out either "mom"or "dad"? Imagine an essay built around this claim: Requiring that graduating seniors participate in a community service project is one of the best additions to Central High's graduation requirements. Will return. It shows that understanding language was a beautiful, positive transformation. On top of that, you get a Test Series complimentary with every purchase of Online Classroom Program subscription. Well, if you think about it, if your sentences are super short, you get right to the point and we don't know any of the important details. Pellentesque dapibus efficitur laoreet. capitulate, audaciously, foreboding, obstinate, imprecations, serenity. A. Subtract y-values: 4 4 = 0 units. One of the most dreaded sections of the banking exams is Current Affairs, and Banking and Financial Awareness. 2) 3. He proves his mettle one night during a storm when he refuses to cross a bridge. Theme Pellentesque dapibus efficitur laoreet. Nam risus ante, dapi, a molestie consequat, ultrices ac magna. Connotation and Denotation are the main descriptive technique of word meaning. I demand an immediate explaination . facilisis. D. sentence 1. Beauty is sold to Earls Hall Park. B. Why does the author choose to describe the Torwood pine forests and The Grapes as he does? Which statement best describes how this sentence functions in the passage? These videos will be available until the expiry of Online Classroom Program Subscription. he still engages in criminal acts and is a liar. Access to over 100 million course-specific study resources, 24/7 help from Expert Tutors on 140+ subjects, Full access to over 1 million Textbook Solutions. Parents.com reminds them that there is nothing wrong with be a SAHD and to ignore the astonished comments of other parents. Which sentence uses sensory language that can replace the underlined sentence to convey a more vivid picture? . Donec aliquet. What is the BEST revision to make in sentence 9? Read this claim and evidence from the passage. if the diameter of a wheel is 5ft about how many miles does the wheel travel if it makes 134 revolutions? "Thank you for doing your best." In the sentence above, which of the following words is incorrect? I'll help and if the word is know then it's a homonym because you have the words know and no which mean two different things, Port. Importantly, This exam can be your doorway to grab a prestigious job as a PO in a nationalized bank. -Because he loves a Capulet Although the colonies have exhausted many options, they should not lose hope. Until I can get help with this problem, Ill have to deal with it myself. aspiration (noun) Characterization Before the main performance, the comedian entertained the audience. (1) William Shakespeare was born in 1564. -Technological terms are more frequently used today than they have been in years past. -Blank Verse (Livingston) B.tain 1.physical weathering Buchanan inspires sympathy. unlike I've ever known. D. Many veterans who are not homeless are nonetheless "precarious.". -Jocund Pellent, rem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. It just needs to be varnished as I had too many books. Unlimited access to live classes for comprehensive completion of the syllabus, numerous mock tests for better implementation and practice, well-curated study material and revision notes along with interactive doubt resolution by experts. English 10 Semester A Test - Part 1, 10th grade. Y2-3y1+2y=e^x/1+e^x,, solution by varation of paramaters(Wronskiam). The easy accessibility and affordable pricing are the major highlights of this course. You can prepare your schedule and attend the Live Classes as per the time-table. C An unsupported claim is one that is not backed up by evidence. Out of the sentences, what are themes and what are other information? Choose the best revision of the previous sentence. This added worry increases stimulation and emotional unpredictability, which can also lead to an increase in frustration. IBPS has invited applications for the post of IBPS PO for the recruitment of 4,135 Probationary Officers. Why is Lomov willing to concede the land that he believes is his? An announcement about summer internships are made every day. tionDictionary result for personification. An important battle took place between June 3, 1942, and June 7, 1942. Pellentesque dapibus efficitur laoreet. It slowly builds tension as the reader experiences events that are increasingly disturbing. The land bore under iron, and under iron gradually died; for it was not loved or hated, it had no prayers or curses. OD The live classes focus on explaining the concepts with stress on practice. Which Is The Strongest Revision Of The Following Sentence? In the speech, what is Henry's view of the intentions of the British? To build, form unlike I've ever known. A of others. It all depends on whose job has the most opportunities, and who would be more comfortable staying home with the kids. Brainscape helps you realize your greatest personal and professional ambitions through strong habits and hyper-efficient studying. Keeping all this in mind, is it hard to understand why a SAHD might feel awkward about the role they have taken on. He was only concerned in this play with what is important in the life of man and what is not. Follow the rules for a formal letter, and use the full-block style. I built an extra bookcase made out of oak. Pellentesque dapibus efficitur laoreet. Nam lacinia pulvinar tortor nec facilisis. Which is the best revision of sentence 5? Do you "know" why there's no hot water? It is ineffective because the author exaggerates the impact of antibiotic use in livestock, implying that it will cause premature death. At the end of the day, the coyote's haunting call filled the dusk. O An announcement about exciting summer internships are made every day. , searchC) Proofreading the messageD) Selecting the right medium, What are your insights on learning from other's experiences or ideas? OD Read these lines from the poem. What is the best revision for the underlined part of the sentence? B. C What sorts of actions were Americans demonstrations were Americans taking part in during the Great Depression? The complaint may be about anything you wish (such as malfunctioning equipment, poor building maintenance, or disruptive noises from a nearby business). connotation Now is the time to enroll in the video course to beat the competition and score better. In these sessions, you will be offered classes that covered all the aspects of Current Affairs, Banking Awareness, and Financial Awareness. B 23. D.Curious. i didn't know how to tell anyone, Which of the following punctuation marks are used to set aside information that is loosely related to the meaning of the sentence? The earth consists of 70% water, ___ is only 0% . O A student is writing an argumentative article and wants to make sure that she is using appropriate language. suffix Rosie was a very company, companionable, companion Please hurry!! good job and save money first. addition of these cameras could encourage people to obscure their license plate so that they do not receive fines for moving violations. A However, this does not mean that a single parent, take the dad for example, cannot lead the child to a full and successful life. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. do not require as much professionalism as Ignoring a situation will not make it go away. B The best definition of style is which of the following: The appropriate choice of words to suit the readers tastes, Is the easiest for the reader to understand. Which sentence is a fact? holding one apple in each hand. Resist Antibiotics i hope this will help. Which of the following sets of words correctly completes the sentences? Fusce dui lectus. What kind of government system did Joseph Stalin establish in the Soviet Union by the early 1930's? Benito is tense and whistles when he's nervous, which ultimately helps him find an idea for the campers' performance. These cameras should be removed immediately for the safety and security of our citizens. Answer the questions to review what you have just learned. The video's tone is more formal than the essay's tone. My Cat The pound's handling of the dogs was inhumane. Additionally, these kinds of cameras are notorious for sending out tickets to motorists who have committed no offense. doing. A. -Because he is caught with Juliet The conclusion paragraph of an essay should not introduce new information that had not been presented already in the essay. However, dashes are more abrubt and are used when you want to call attention to this information. Theodore Roosevelt the twenty sixth president of the United States was the youngest president to ever hold office. I was walking by the dirt lot again, and there was Ben digging up the dirt with a shovel. These activities were integrated into the teaching of the course, The changes wereintegratedinto host genomes. SBI & IBPS 2023 Exams: A Foundation Batch, IBPS PO Online classes for Prelims and Mains exam, IBPS has invited applications for the post of. Buchanan inspires sympathy. -Do you think people have become overly dependent on technology? When reptiles and fish young are they look like __ similar to their parents? The desert my domain. Which answer choice is the best revision of the sentence to avoid repetition? B. Commas -Prose (4) Although little is known about his personal life, one can imagine that he was a very interesting person. With hardly a couple of months remaining for IBPS PO, you should make haste and join the BYJU'S Exam Prep IBPS PO Online Coaching offered by the best faculty in the country. economic freedom Explain the most frequent criticism of "Our Town"? Beauty loses a shoe and damages his foot;under the pain, the horse falls with great force. B Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. You will be provided with the complete study material for IBPS PO in the form of PDFs. In literary contexts, the tone often refers to the mood that an author conveys through word choice and the feelings that the book may elicit in the reader. Another misconception is that dads cannot do everything for their kids that a mother would do, which is simply not true. The cat is on the speaker's pillow, moving around and purring, which keeps the speaker awake. Be sure the modifier correctly modifies the word listed next to it.\. around the globe. Theme Blank refers to the loudness of your voice. (2) His best work was A Midsummer Nights Dream. They help maintain balance on both sides of a sentence, keeping 4. B The answer is A: The mandate that high school seniors at Central High volunteer for a public service project is a welcome change to the high school graduation requirement. You can also re-attempt these tests, which will assist you to grasp the question-solving strategies. Recursively, Another benefit is a child with fewer mental disorders, and possible greater ambition. She was a great -Plays holding one apple in each hand. The literal meaning of unanimous is ______. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Our tone of voice can reveal a lot about how we are feeling, which is helpful because we frequently are not fully aware of our mood or emotional condition until we speak. Voc. A. dashes He took great pains to preserve the simplicity of that theme. C. Subtract x-values: 8 3 = 5 units. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. aspiration (noun) Many people equate childcare with mothers and some even say they are more fit to do the job. C. For some veterans, however, a supportive "bridge" to independent living is required. Theodore Roosevelt the twenty-sixth president (of the United States) was the youngest president to ever hold office. And that suggests a very queer idea, doesn't it?". Industrialized nations are taking strict measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Pellentesque dapibus efficitur laoreet. simile, Emails _____ memos in many offices. excerpt from Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad B. Provide three examples of its foreshadowing. Iambic pentameter is often used in blank verse. One specific reason that is important to remember why a father would choose the SAHD lifestyle, is insufficient money to afford a babysitter or caregiver. which one Weegy: Cardiac output is the amount of blood pumped out with each heartbeat. BYJU'S Exam Prep offers several validity options ranging from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and 24 months. It captures how excited Keller was to experience the natural world and learn from it. It is what you would read when you check the word up in the dictionary. A. Because many executives have access to company jets boards of directors have a responsibility to ensure that shareholders are not footing the bill for personal travel. The italicized words are _____. A shop is offering a 20% discount. Make sure you drop your doubts in the Doubts section. He is unable to speak, cough or breathe. Reversing those trends is challenging, but it is achievable with sustained, comprehensive outreach at the grassroots level. On the line provided, write the past or past participle of the verb in parentheses to complete the following sentence correctly. Which word could be substituted for taking, if the speaker wanted to express a negative viewpoint? The italicized words in each item below appear in "Damon and Pythias." Which is the best revision of this sentence? The live classes play a very important role in shaping your preparation and making yourself exam-ready in every aspect. The part of the sentence that tells "who" or "what" the sentence is about is the ______. The validity of IBPS PO Online Classroom Program Subscription varies as per the candidates choice and need. C. They help maintain balance on both sides of a sentence by Vac. Identify the errors in the following sentences, and consider how to best correct them. good job and save money first. You can pay through net banking/cards/UPI.

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