National experts

The formation of a database of national academic experts is based on the recommendations of universities in Kazakhstan. The agency’s accreditation committees by profile, as well as on the basis of personal applications.

International experts

International experts are appointed:

Representatives of employers

Employers are appointed at the suggestion of various professional associations and employers’ unions, such as the National Chamber of Industry, the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs of NCE “Atameken” and business organizations.

Student representatives

The selection of students for the position of experts is carried out on the recommendation of universities, which are presented to the agency of the best and most active students.
KAZSEE ensures that the members of the expert groups are competent and free from conflicts of interest. The candidates of experts are coordinated with the relevant Accreditation Committee, and then appointed by the order of the President of KAZSEE. The accreditation committees make their suggestions for updating the existing database of experts, as well as for the selection of experts for the examination of self-assessment reports on the institutional/specialized program and the external audit procedure.

Criteria for the selection of KAZSEE academic experts:

Institutional accreditation

Specialized accreditation