A new trend has been identified in the field of Kazakh education. Branches of major foreign technical universities are opening in the country and the emphasis is increasingly on technical education. As you know, the economy is increasingly stimulated by human capital, rather than natural resources, as it used to be. A great contribution to the formation of a new trend is made by the Kazakh Association of Engineering Education KAZSEE, created within the framework of the European Union project to improve the quality of engineering education in Central Asian countries (CA). Recently, KAZSEE has undergone a rebranding procedure and is already operating under another beautiful abbreviation – CAAAE, and the goals of this socio-professional organization have been scaled. She now continues to improve the quality of engineering education and engineering activities not only in Kazakhstan, but also throughout the Central Asian region.

The main idea of the project is closer cooperation between universities in the region and the European Union, improving the quality of higher education, accreditation of educational programs to ensure their worldwide recognition, through the synchronization of KAZSEE standards and accreditation agencies of Central Asian countries with European standards, the newspaper “Liter” has written more than once.

Will it be possible to make Kazakhstanis a nation of engineers, designers, agronomists and programmers? It is precisely this ambitious goal that our head of state Kassym-Jomart Tokayev sets for us! We decided to talk about this topic with Barlyk Shaikenov, Vice-President of the Central Asian Association for Education Accreditation (CAAAE).